A Bitcoiner’s Guide to Madeira: A Tiny Island with Big Potential

Madeira: Overview

• Madeira is a small island located 600 miles off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean.
• It has a warm and temperate climate, making it an attractive tourist destination.
• The island relies heavily on its tourism industry for economic growth and sources of income.

Bitcoiners Unite

This summer, Pleb Music brought Bitcoin to Madeira with their documentary featuring beautiful drone shots, storytelling, and agile camerawork from @Cinemuck_. This documentary highlighted the potential of Bitcoin on this tiny island, prompting other high-profile Bitcoiners to explore it for themselves.

A Peaceful Patch of Land

Madeira is known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. With direct flights to New York City and other major European cities, visitors have access to all that Madeira has to offer. Other than tourism, the local economy also relies on remittances sent from overseas as well as exports such as tea and wine.

Attracting Digital Nomads

In order to keep its economy ticking over during the low season, Madeira has focused on diversifying its tourism industry by attracting digital nomads who can work remotely while they enjoy everything this Portuguese paradise has to offer. Whether you’re looking for espetada (a type of kebab) or delicious fish dishes – Madeira will not disappoint!


Madeira is quickly becoming a popular destination amongst Bitcoiners thanks to its picturesque scenery and diverse culture – not forgetting the fact that it’s now home to one of the most comprehensive documentaries about Bitcoin adoption! So if you’re looking for a great place to spend your winter holiday or perhaps even work remotely from – then look no further than beautiful Madeira!