Bitcoin: The Solution to Our Fiat Problems

• Tim Niemeyer is a teacher and co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup, who has gained a unique perspective on our current monetary system, due to his appreciation of Bitcoin.
• He believes that the current fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits, while also noting that many people do not realize the benefits of sound money.
• He argues that helicopter parenting is a result of living in a fiat system, as it allows humans to impose their morals onto said money supply.

Seeing Beyond Fiat

I’m Tim Niemeyer, an elementary school teacher and the co-host of Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup. As someone who has both passions for my job and for Bitcoin, I have been able to develop a greater understanding of each – even if I don’t mix them at work. My appreciation for Bitcoin has given me insight into our current monetary system and how it can lead to poor decision making and relationship dynamics.

The Effects of Fiat Money

One particular observation I’ve noticed in recent years is the emergence of helicopter parents – those who fight their child’s battles, do their schoolwork or coach their coaches – which I believe stems from living in a fiat system where humans are in control over the money supply. This means they can impose their own morals on said money supply, leading to high time preference actions instead of long-term systemic change.

The Benefits Of Sound Money

Unfortunately, too few people understand the advantages associated with sound money that isn’t controlled by those in power with their own agendas; this lack of knowledge makes it difficult for them to break free from short-term thinking or choose something other than ‘red or blue’. The fact remains that having sound money is beneficial; it helps improve decision making processes by providing stability and reducing volatility – two things essential for financial planning and investing.

Bitcoin Fixes This Problem

Fortunately, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin provide an alternative option which allows users to remain independent from governments or central authorities while still being able to store value securely and build wealth over time without worrying about inflation or manipulation by politicians. In addition, since all transactions are recorded on its blockchain ledger, there’s no way to make false claims or manipulate data – unlike fiat money which can be printed at will when needed.


In conclusion, I firmly believe that cryptocurrency provides an amazing opportunity for everyone regardless of political opinion or economic status: by giving individuals more control over their finances without relying on third parties as middlemen. It also encourages better decision making processes through increased transparency which leads to more reliable investments opportunities over time. With all these benefits combined together we should all strive towards creating a world where everyone understands the potentials available with cryptoassets.