Coinkite Launches COLDCARD Q1: The Ultimate Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

• Coinkite is launching a new higher-end COLDCARD, the COLDCARD Q1.
• The device features a full QWERTY keyboard, larger LCD screen, QR code scanner and battery power.
• It also includes NFC compatibility, USB virtual disk mode, USB-C connector, activity LEDs and a flashlight.

Coinkite Launches New Higher-End Coldcard

Hardware company Coinkite has announced the launch of their new higher-end COLDCARD, the COLDCARD Q1. The device is designed with a full QWERTY keyboard, larger LCD screen and a QR code scanner which can be used in low light conditions. Additionally, it is powered by batteries instead of being connected to a power outlet or computer for convenience.

Features of the Coldcard Q1

The COLDCARD Q1 features several advanced elements such as NFC compatibility, USB virtual disk mode, USB-C connector and activity LEDs for USB and SD card use. It is also equipped with two SD card slots as well as an LCD screen four times bigger than its predecessor model – the Mk4. Furthermore, it includes an LED illuminated QR code scanner with advanced scanning algorithms for secure data decoding and a 50-key QWERTY keyboard for fast passphrase input.

QR Scanner

The improved QR scanner on the COLDCARD Q1 sits at the top of the unit and is connected to it using 2 wires – ensuring that scanned data will not do more than what it should be doing. This specialized scanner comes with an LED illumination so users can scan even in less than ideal lighting conditions – similar to how grocery store scanners are able to read barcodes quickly regardless of their environment.


The new COLDCARD Q1 is available for pre-sale but its official launch date has yet to be determined at this stage.


The COLDCARDQ1 provides users with added security features plus convenience and mobility due to its battery powered feature making it an ideal choice when dealing with cryptocurrency storage needs